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Travian Account

You can link one or more Travian account to your InactiveSearch.

Your linked account will be delete when the Travian server ends, as well as farmlist, groups and missions. Battle reports are not connected to the linked account and will not be deleted.

You can also share your linked account with other users (registered to InactiveSearch). You can manage your "sharers" from your Account section.

On the main screen of your linked account you can manage informations related to your villages.
For each village you can:

Set the capital

To set the capital click on the castle icon.

Add your crop production

Update troops, tournament square and group attribute

Inactive search

Groups and missions change with your active account (for multiple account, you can switch between them by clicking on the switch icon).

If you have your Travian Plus enabled you can upload your troops by simply copying the Travian tropps page. Use the pictures below as a guide.

Travian Plus

Travian Plus
Go to troops tab
Note: troops will be visible only if you have the Travian Plus enabled
Travian Plus
Copy the entire page (press `ctrl`+`a` to select all and `ctrl`+`c` to copy)