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Organise a new mission is simple, you can invite one or more members of your groups of which you are admin or strategist.

Create mission
1. Select one or more targets
Create mission
2. Select one or more villages.
Here are being shown all the available villages (only with troops) between your account and the groups which you are admin or strategist.
Create mission
3. Add a village to the mission

When you add a village to the mission you can chose:

  • the target
  • the action type (attack, fake, defense, conquer)
  • the arrive time
  • the number of waves to send
  • the number of troops to send
  • the speed of the slowest unit

Create mission
4. At the bottom of the page you can find a summary fo the added actions, then continue to create the mission.

The organiser only can view the mission, all the other players will see only the actions they have to send.

You can find your organised missions on the organised tab, with a summary of the actions status.

Missions overview
Click on the mission name to see more details

Here you can find your active actions (organised by or for you).
When you send the action, you can set a status (sent or missed if you could not send the action), so the organiser can have the mission under control.

A countdown will show you when the mission is due.
Note: this is only an estimation ot the time to send, it doesn't consider bonus/malus of artefacts or hero. You can get a more accurate time by clicking on the countdown, you will be redirected to the distance and time calculator to add more details.

Missions overview
Click on the countdown for a better estimation of the time to send the action.
Missions overview
Missions are being archived when the time to send expires.