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Groups are similar to Travian alliances.
You can create or access your groups from the main page, however to access an existing group you should have the group link (you can ask it to your group admin).
By using the link to join a group, the admin will be notified and you shoud wait until an Admin or Diplomatic accept your request.


There are different roles for each group:
  • Admin

    This role has full access to the group and its functionalities.
    He can accept/refuse new member requests, change role to existing members, ban them, and he has access to village details of each member (eg. troups, tournament square) and he can create and export rankings.
    When you create a new mission, between the available villages you will find all the villages of the group members (note: only villages with troops will be shown when you create a mission).

  • Strategist

    The strategist have access to the villages details of the group members, and he can add those villages when creating a mission. This role can create rankings.

  • Diplomatic

    The diplomatic doesn't have access to the member details but he can change the role of existing members and he can accept/reject new members. This role cannot create new rankings.

  • Member

    The group member have access to what the admin wants to be public and visible.
    He can view authorised rankings but it doesn't have access to other member details.
    Note: Rankings are being shown to everyone on the group on the same way, so if you the admin creates a ranking with visible troops, the group member will see the number ot troops (but it will not have access to the player details).

Group members

Only admin and strategist can view the group members details. Diplomatics and members will not see the number of troops on each village.
On the member view you can see the details of each village of the player, troops, tournament square, crop production, group attribute, you can ban or delete the player or change his role.

Group members
Only admin and strategist can view the number of troops and the other details.

Group admin

The Admin section is accessible only by the admin, here you can change group name/description, view the "join" link to invite new players and accept/reject requests from new members (a number on the admin icon will show you if there is any pending request).
The diplomatic has access to a restricted version of this section where he can accept/decline new requests.

Custom rankings

You can create a custom ranking for each one of your groups. There is no limit on the number of rankings, however the number of players (or villages) for the ranking is limited to 60.
Only admin and strategists can create custom rankings.

The image below shows a sample of rankings.
Each ranking ha a "minimum role" required to view the ranking. In this example the rankings are visible to admin only, however you can set the visibility to one of the group roles, and so you can create rankings visible to all the members.
Note: by setting the visibility to "Member, everyone can see the ranking details (troops, etc...). You can create rankings visible to members and hide the details. Go to create a ranking to learn more.

Rankings are updated in real time, however you can export each one of your rankings (it will be exported in CSV, easily importable on a spreadsheet, a database etc...).
The export is available only for admin and strategists.
Note new group members will not be automatically added on existing rankings, you should add them manually.

Create a ranking

Creating a new ranking is simple, the images below will guide you through the process.
You can group the results by:

  1. Village
    The ranking will show the selected villages.
  2. Player
    The ranking will show the sum of all the villages for each one of the selected players.
You can order the ranking by:
  • Attack
  • Defence
  • Attack + Defence
  • Population
  • Crop production
You can choose what to show for the ranking:
  • Population
  • Troops
  • Attack
  • Defence
  • Attack + Defence
  • Crop production
You can also choose to add the troops but hide the real numbers. This can be helpful for "public" rankings, accessible by all the members. You could create private rankings for admins and a copy with hidden details for the members.

You can also set filters.
You could create a ranking for players whom attack is more than 2000. You can select more then one filter, for example you could add a new filter population < 6000.

Group attribute
You can use this attribute to mark villages in different ways to create your rankings. For example, you could tell all your group members to add the word "main" to the villages where they have the main attack.
So when you create the ranking you can set "Custom attribute = main".
With this attribute you can really customise and organise your rankings.

Thenk select the villages (or players, the list depends on the selected group type) to add to the ranking (you can manually select villages or select all at once).